A (conspiracy) theory about the forces that allowed Hasan to remain in the military

A reader has brought to my attention a long, complex, and not very easy to understand blog article called “Did Someone Miss The Dots, Or Did Someone Shutdown The Connecting?” In it, a knowledgeable-sounding blogger named AJStrata makes a plausible case that Attorney General Holder shut down the joint terror task force investigation into Nidal Hasan’s e-mail correspondence with a terror-supporting imam in Yemen in early 2009, and, further, that the absurd-sounding reasons being put forth now as to why the investigation was stopped (e.g., Hasan was only asking the imam about PTSD; the investigation violated his free speech rights) are signs of, and part of, a fast and furious cover-up.

AJStrata writes:

One thing you have to understand is the only way for the NSA to use the Bush expedited investigation process is for the US Attorney General (or his designee) to petition the FIS Court to proceed with just the NSA evidence in hand. If the US AG doesn’t do this, there is no expedited investigation.

This clearly happened on President Obama’s watch. An Army officer (who has access to information and weapons) was detected by our national security intelligence folks contacting a known al Qaeda supporter and agent overseas. The alarm bells went off, but someone in the administration turned them off and allowed this massacre to transpire.

Here is his summing up:

If this were a case of someone slipping through (a missed dot) I don’t think we would see all this wild spin and finger pointing. Everyone would stand by each other and simply say ‘we missed this one, we need to do better’. Everyone knows it will happen sooner or later.

But the finger pointing and the crazy excuses as to why the investigation was ended do not support the case of the accidentally missed dot. This evidence indicate a hasty cover up of a truly deadly decision inside the Obama administration. The flying accusations, planted spin in the media, etc tell me someone shutdown the effort to connect the dots and save lives.

And that someone is trying to run from the spotlight as fast as possible, because they know full well what the ramifications of that kind of ineptitude and politicization. That is why I think the spin has become so shrill and desperate. I still think this was closing down effort to connect the dots instead of missed dots.

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