Britain’s Ministry of Defense tells released hostages they can sell their story to the media

First these British “sailors” and “marines” humiliate their country by eagerly confessing to non-existent crimes and waving eagerly like game-show contestants when their Iranian captors released them, then their country celebrates them for this national humiliation; and now their country tells them to sell their humiliating story (which most of their countrymen are celebrating) for money:

One of the hostages, Dean Harris, 30, an acting sergeant in the Royal Marines, told a Sunday Times reporter yesterday: “I want £70,000. That is based on what the others have told me they have been offered. I know Faye has been offered a heck more than that. I am worth it because I was one of only two who didn’t crack.”

John Tindell, the father of Joe Tindell, another of the hostages, said his son had turned down an offer of £10,000. “The MoD said if you want to earn money you are free to go out and do it. I was a bit surprised. The MoD said to the marines, ‘Go out there, tell the truth and make the money’.”

Britain is dead, and what is left is a clownish specter.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 09, 2007 12:10 AM | Send

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