Very bad news: Armey is tea party honcho

Former House majority leader Richard Armey—a soulless economystic and open borders advocate whose theme has always been that the Republicans should drop social conservatism—is a major influence in the tea parties.

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Debra C. writes:

Here are comments I made over at on November 5 about Dick Armey; they’re in the mold only of a restatement of your views, presented today.

Some background: I consider myself among the first of the Tea Partiers, well aware of the need for patriots to take a stand prior to their April 2009 first rallies; I was writing reader comments at Townhall—at the time, early last year—during February ‘09, and was myself among the first to call for another Tea Party. (BTW, my sixth great-grandfather, Samuel Beale (b. 1713), was one of the Twelve Apostles of Liberty, the Frederick County Maryland judges who repudiated the Stamp Act in 1765. So, I come from a line of people who react with indignation at state-overreach—and am proud of that fact. Samuel Beale’s wife, Eleanor Brooke Beale, had a grandfather named Thomas Brooke (b. 1660), who was also grandfather to Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Since we are going to do American History Month in January, I’m getting into the spirit of things a bit early. )

At any rate, here is the text of my Redstate comments (with a couple of changes from the original) so you can see for yourself that some of us recognize Armey’s malign influence within the movement:

It is my hope … that the specific faction within the party that coalesces around the “establishment,” “ruling class,” will understand that the conservative wing—the actual BASE—intends to take the party back and save the nation from the progressives, whatever party affiliation they happen to choose.

Freedom Works and Dick Armey talk a really good game, saying what itching ears want to hear, in particular LOW TAXES, freedom, jobs. But left unsaid is that they are hostile to the vast majority of Americans who want the border secured, and who believe that there can be no true freedom when the family is under assault by same-sex marriage advocates and pro-abortion, life destroyers.

Strong, stable, families transmit values; they do not succumb easily to the machinations of statist sophisticates who claim they know better how to run our lives than we do—“and, here,” they say, “we have a state, tax-payered program to help you make the most of your life.” With strings attached—you must do this, you can’t do that. Well phooey to that!

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