Those stories about McCain

Jack Wheeler wrote an article on January 31 charging that John McCain as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam cooperated with his Communist captors and got special accommodations, including his own apartment with two prostitutes.

In reply, James H. Warner, a former POW who was with McCain in prison, wrote in FrontPage Magazine on February 5 demonstrating from his own experiences how utterly implausible is the charge that McCain got any special accommodations from the North Vietnamese.

And how does Wheeler, in a February 7 article, reply to Warner’s actual knowledge of McCain’s behavior and situation in prison? He quotes an unnamed source who tells Wheeler that Wheeler’s source in the original article, known as “T,” is trustworthy. That’s it. An anonymous source tells Wheeler that another anonymous source is trustworthy, and Wheeler thinks that is an adequate refutation of the man who was actually in prison with McCain and witnessed his beatings, and therefore that we, Wheeler’s readers, should believe the story that McCain made special deals with the North Vietnamese. Wheeler then resumes his overheated rant against McCain, complete with a scenario of how the Clintons during the general election campaign will expose McCain’s past and clinch the White House.

Wheeler criticizes McCain as a man of ego and impulse, not thought. But Wheeler is himself a man of ego and impulse, not thought.

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