In America as it now exists, it doesn’t matter that the charge against Zimmerman is totally without foundation

I’ve been saying today to friends: “What possible basis in fact and law is there for a charge of second degree murder against George Zimmerman? And since there is none, how can this prosecution go forward?” Then I answered my own question: “There doesn’t have to be any factual basis for the charge, because this case has nothing to do with facts. It is a raw act of power by a Communist-style ideological regime isolating and punishing an ideological enemy—or rather an innocent unfortunate whom the regime for its own purposes has cast as an ideological enemy. That is what America has now become. We have become a leftist, ideological state, and there is no serious force in the society to oppose the ruling leftism.”

It provides a small measure of comfort that at least one mainstream legal commentator, Alan Dershowitz, is also saying that there is nothing to the case. In a TV interview today,

Dershowitz called the affidavit justifying Zimmerman’s arrest “not only thin, it’s irresponsible.” He went on to criticize the decision to charge Zimmerman for second degree murder by special prosecutor Angela Corey as being politically motivated….

“Most affidavits of probable cause are very thin. This is so thin that it won’t make it past a judge on a second degree murder charge,” Dershowitz said. “There’s simply nothing in there that would justify second degree murder.”

Dershowitz said that the elements that would constitute that crime are non-existent in the affidavit. “It’s not only thin, it’s irresponsible,” said Dershowitz.

Dershowitz went on to strongly criticize Corey’s decision to move forward with the case against Zimmerman. “I think what you have here is an elected public official who made a campaign speech last night for reelection when she gave her presentation and overcharged.

So Dershowitz thinks that the thinness of the affidavit of probable cause dooms the prosecution’s case. He thinks we are still living in a rational society under the rule of law. What he doesn’t realize is that such a society—at least in any area that is touched by the left’s major ideological salients, such as racial equality and sexual equality—no longer exists. Of course we may hope that the charges against Zimmerman will be dropped before trial, or that he will be acquitted at trial. But, in my opinion, given what America now is, there is no reason to expect those good outcomes. Liberal and black America has its jaws clenched on a major sacrificial victim, the blood is dripping from its lips, and it is not going to let him go.

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On another point, I can’t help adding that I hope there are public figures more decent and respectable than Alan Dershowitz who will denounce, with the force Dershowitz has used, the monstrous and baseless charge against Zimmerman.

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April 13

Forta Leza writes:

I think it’s worth noting that as a Zionist, Dershowitz has surely recognized that Zimmerman is (very likely) being treated basically the same as Israel. Israel regularly kills people in legitimate self-defense. And Leftists, Arabs, and Muslims regularly try to twist the facts to make these legitimate killings into war crimes. And for similar psychological reasons, too, since Israel is being assigned the role of the Evil White Man.

As a side note, I continue to hold open the possibility that Zimmerman is guilty. For example, it’s remotely possible that the police report misrepresents his injuries. But based on history, I doubt it.

LA replies:

Does Corey’s affidavit even present a hypothetical scenario in which Z. murders T.? It would have to be something like this: Z. follows T., Z. provokes a fight with T., Z. gets the better of T. in this fight, and then, with T. helpless and in Z.’s power and begging for his life, Z. plugs him.

Now I suppose this scenario is possible in the abstract, but have we heard any facts that correspond with it?

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