What is the “success” in Iraq that the neocons now want to replicate in Afghanistan?

Exactly a year ago I wrote:

The period of the incompetent, irresponsible, dishonest Bush-Republican-neocon leadership in Iraq prior to the surge lasted 62 days longer—two months longer—than America’s engagement in the greatest war in history.

And now these same Republicans and neocons want credit for the “success” of their leadership in Iraq!

And now, a year later, the same people urge us to strive with all our might—meaning with the expenditure of the lives of our soldiers—to repeat that same “success” in Afghanistan.

In this connection, also see my January 2009 post, “I was right about Iraq” (i..e, when I said that we had no strategy that even theoretically could result in victory).

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 06, 2009 02:51 PM | Send

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