Angry woman

Anyone who thought that Hillary Clinton in 1992 was too angry to be First Lady, let alone co-president, might want to take a look at this photo of Michelle Obama.


By the way, I have not found at C-SPAN Michelle Obama’s January 6 talk to New Hampshire voters which transformed my perception of the Obama candidacy. I wanted to find it, both in order for readers to be able to verify my own description of the speech and of Mrs. Obama’s demeanor, including the fixed anger that animates her, and in order to transcribe the first ten minutes of the talk and demonstrate its barely-between-the-lines racial message (namely, voting for her husband is a vote for racial unity; voting against her husband shows that people are isolated and fearful). However, maybe she gives the same message in her other talks that are currently listed at C-SPAN.

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LA to Mark A., who had sent the Michelle Obama photo:

Thanks, I’ve written this up and posted it.

Mark A. replies:

You can see the rage and hatred. Amazing!

LA replies:

Why do you say this?

Mark A. replies:

It is hard for me to articulate. In law school, this was the same look that every female raging Feminist/Marxist had. A combination of heightened emotion, tears, and rage. All of it expressed in a high-pitched, mean-spirited voice. A “Hillary” voice if you will. These women are a dime a dozen at law school, as I’m sure you can imagine.

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