A wandering Dutchman in Australia

As far as being a target of left-wing fascists is concerned, Jared Taylor has nothing on Geert Wilders. In the run-up to and during Wilders’s recent trip to Australia, no fewer than thirty venues made contracts with him for a speech and then canceled under political pressure or threats. He finally spoke twice, once in Melbourne (here’s the speech) and in Sydney, with massive police protection to allow him to proceed. The Sydney Trads website has an interesting article on the visit. It tells how Tony Abbot, head of the “conservative” opposition party, while affirming that Wilders has the right to speak, distanced himself from him; said that Australia has nothing to learn from the Netherlands regarding Islam because Muslims in Australia see themselves as “Australians”; and said that Wilders’s views on Islam are wrong.

A columnist in the Sydney Morning Herald writes about the enormous difficulties Wilders’s organizers faced from so many venues canceling on him.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 26, 2013 08:13 AM | Send

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