Graham endorses Sotomayor

The heroic days of the House Managers are far, far in the past. James M2 writes:

I heard the statement below quoted on the radio on my way home from work today. I had to google it to make sure I heard it right:

“Her life story…is something that every American should be proud of, and if her selection to the Supreme Court will inspire young women, particularly Latino women, to seek a career in the law, then that is a good thing—and I hope it will.”—Lindsey Graham

All across America, we are in desperate need of wise Latinas, to prosecute us, to sue us, to judge us. But first, the wise Latinas must be inspired…

LA replies:

Every American should be proud of someone who has spent her life insisting that Hispanics have a right to proportional representation in every field and profession whether they’ve qualified for it or not? A person who boasts of being an “affirmative action baby”? This is the model for American women, and especially for Hispanic women?

LA writes:

Note: The way James spelled Graham’s first name is not a mistake, his name is spelled Lindsey. Here is his Senate page.

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A. Zarkov writes:

While I find Graham’s statement about Sotomayor ridiculous and offensive, there is a bright side to her appointment. She will weaken the liberal wing of the court as Scalia, Roberts, and Alito will run rings around her in conference. Compared to the other possible Obama nominees, she’s an intellectual lightweight and less radical. I hope this means the conservative wing will be better able to influence Kennedy to vote with them. Obviously Kennedy will be pivotal in deciding the close cases coming in the near future.

Sotomayor is known for her many excessively detailed opinions often filled with irrelevant detail, and I think this points to mediocre mind. Sharp people know how to distill a complex case down to its essentials. This is true in both law and science—great scientists produce simple, elegant theories. Great jurists do likewise. My message to conservative: cheer up, we got off easy this time.

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