A counter-establishment view on the Nevada race

FD writes:

I think I will destroy my television if I hear another failed campaign consultant say Sharron Angle wasn’t a good candidate. In fact, she was a fantastic candidate who embodied every value this country needs. In 2005 she voted alone against a disastrous spending increase that ruined the State’s budget when the good times ended. Imagine, she stood 1-41 against everyone else in the legislature to stop the increase. How many of us have ever shown that fortitude?

Angle was confronted during the campaign by the full weight of Nevada’s media, political, and religious establishment. Religious? That’s right! Reid was endorsed by prominent Republican Mormons right before the elections! The RINO Republican leader in the state senate endorsed Reid. The so-called journalists who actually just file press releases for the Casino companies were wall to wall with biased coverage of Angle (including unflattering pictures).

How did she fare? She made no major gaffes. Clobbered the Senate majority leader in their only debate and survived the most vicious, personal, degrading media treatment ever inflicted on a Nevada candidate.

So what should we do?

First, we should not forget that last spring, when Harry Reid was reeling from his health care vote, John McCain was busy in his own primary teaching Reid how to run against Tea Party candidates. How? (1) Run on personalities not on issues; (2) spend lots and lots of money on negative ads; and (3) use your existing position to muscle large donors to do your will. Each of those trends was on display in Nevada. The Tea Partiers should take note of this.

Second, Harry Reid was (according to Pew Research) elected by unassimilated Spanish speakers. More than 1 in 10 people living in Nevada are here illegally. Nevada is becoming California due to the immigration of unassimilated legal and illegal Mexicans. There are now many more neighborhoods where it is not safe for whites to walk. Those neighborhoods elected Harry Reid. The country is lost if we do not call a halt to immigration.

Third, that there was vote fraud in Nevada (again) seems certain. FYI, Ross Miller, the Secretary of State, is the son of the Democratic ex-Governor Bob Miller. If our elections are not accurate, we live in a tyranny. If the Republican House does nothing about vote fraud (again) we are in deep trouble.

Fourth, Sharron Angle should replace Michael Steele as the RNC chair.

Once again, I am sorry I cannot contribute to your site. I am still unemployed. When I can, I will. You have the most informative and insightful political blog on the Web.

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