Our new friends in Libya, for whose sake we criminally overthrew and killed that country’s previous leader, with whom we had made peace

James P. writes (March 6):

I heard a news clip this morning of John McCain calling for intervention in Syria.

In advocating a policy similar to that pursued in Libya, he made no mention of Libyan rebels committing racist atrocities and war crimes, and desecrating the graves of World War II British servicemen. Even Hillary Clinton thinks helping the Syrian rebels means helping Hamas and al Qaeda.

LA replies:

By the way, did the Libyans give any pretext for the desecrations? Had Britain done something bad to them recently, such as helping free them from Kaddafi?

James P. replies:

No, but the motive is obvious enough—the graves were marked with crucifixes.

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Daniel S. writes:

If the rebels in Libya, with their al-Qaeda links, ethnic cleansing of blacks, and torturing to death of prisoners, are the sort of friends that politians like John McCain and Lindsey “Ban Koran Burning” Graham desire, it makes sense that they would seek out friendship with the Syrian rebels: the Syrian rebels after all conduct suicide bombings, have links to al-Qaeda, attack Catholic monasteries, and have kidnapped and killed Syrian Christians. Who wouldn’t want to arm such people and hand them control of a nation that borders Israel?

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