A reader’s story: from socialist to traditionalist

Aditya B. writes (April 6):

Over the last few weeks, you have, in your inimitably crisp and courageous fashion, documented how our civilization is being occupied by an alien minority determined to destroy all that is good and great about the land of their forefathers. For that, I applaud you.

I started out as a dyed in the wool socialist. (I grew up in India—my grandfather was an old-school, dyed-in-the-wool socialist politician and cabinet official.) But, bit by bit, this edifice crumbled as I was fortunate enough to encounter teachers who exposed the evil and stupidity of that system.

I initially discovered neo-conservatism and mistook it for the real article. But I always felt out of place in that milieu, as their core philosophy seemed as foolish and evil as socialism. And then I was fortunate enough to discover your work. It is not for nothing that I call you my guru, for you have led me towards the path of traditionalism. Now, I finally feel at home.

Although we have little reason to cheer, let’s try to be hopeful on this day of the year. I wish you a Happy Pesach, and a very Happy Easter. May the Master of the Universe grant you a long and fulfilled life.

Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto, Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

LA replies:
How about that. You never told me that about your background.

Thank you very much for the lovely note.

But wait—since you give your grandfather’s last name, it would give away yours, so we should leave it out.

Aditya B. replies:

Leaving out his name would be fine, Mr Auster.

It’s been a long journey, from socialism to traditionalism, aided by many teachers. And you would know that there is no material benefit to being in this camp, the camp of the saints.

Although human capacity for self delusion is limitless, if this nation and its historic majority finally awake from its stupor, you will be part of the new canon that replaces the old lies and stupidity.

We remain theoretical pessimists and operational optimists.

Onwards and upwards!

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