A day in the life of a Western country with a significant Muslim population

The below e-mail and video were forwarded by a reader:

This you HAVE to watch!!

This took place in Australia; and was caught on police videotape.

This is one of the big news items on tonight’s news over here. The woman in the burqa was pulled over by the police because she was a P plate (provisional) driver and the plates weren’t displayed correctly. He asked her for her license and asked her to remove her burqa so that he could know it was her license. She then accused him of being racist and said that the only reason he pulled her over was that she was wearing a burqa. She then told him he would be sorry and that she would take him to court.

Then she contacted the media and said that he was very racist and touched her burqa and she was intimidated by him. However, luckily for the policeman, the police car’s video camera was operating and it was all caught on film.

She has now been charged and supposedly is going to be jailed for six months.

And the judge said she was the racist one. Now her solicitor is saying it wasn’t her who made the complaint but someone else in a burqa and they are now saying she shouldn’t go to jail as she has seven future jihadist children.

LA writes:

The thing is not to send her to jail. The thing is to send her and her seven future jihadist children back to Dar al Islam, where they won’t have to deal with the Islamophobia that makes their life in Australia such a trial.

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Morgan writes from England:

The article says:

“Now her solicitor is saying it wasn’t her who made the complaint but someone else in a burqa”

So, Oz seems to be the place to practice law … seems they don’t even teach their lawyers that when you’re in a hole, the last thing you do is dig a little more.

I wonder if he thought of all the implications of that for all letterboxes before he said it?

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