Richard Spencer’s web magazine, Antisemitic Right

A reader writes:

When Alternative Right first started, in early 2010, I had hopes for it. It took maybe one stroll through the comment section to understand what a cesspool it was. You haven’t written on it in a long time, but see the comments here for a good example of what the site is and whom it attracts.

The ironic thing: whenever someone in the alt-right sphere criticizes Ron Paul, perhaps the most popular libertarian since Goldwater, they get called a Jew. But according to the comment thread I’ve linked, libertarianism is a Jewish plot to undermine white society. In other words, Jews are undermining the foremost proponent (Ron Paul) of their own plot (libertarianism) to destroy whites.

LA replies:

Good job of catching their omnidirectional anti-Semitism. The fact that Alt-Right’s editor Richard Spencer freely allows the word “Kike” to be used as a constant, all-purpose adjective and noun at his site is proof that his anti-Semitism is not just of the “intellectual” variety, but is visceral and uncontrolled.

. It’s true that I have not written about the anti-Semitic right since August 2010. I realized then with a joyful feeling of relief that it was not necessary for me to criticize them any more, since they did such a thorough job of discrediting themselves. The comments thread at Alt-Right that you link is a fulsome example of that.

- end of initial entry -

Richard Spencer writes:

Larry, you’re so much like the SPLC! Have you ever considered addressing the arguments that I write or publish!?

LA replies:

Your premise is incorrect. Your premise is that if food containing a deadly poison also has some healthful or at least non-poisonous ingredients, then one should approve the food and eat the food. A site that publishes the repellent low-level anti-Semitism that your site publishes has lost any claim on people’s fair-minded consideration of its putatively non-anti-Semitic contents.

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