Bad news for Zimmerman?

James P. writes:

From this story in the Orlando Sentinel, it is clear that special prosecutor Angela Corey has browbeaten witnesses into changing their accounts.

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Matt writes:

Witness 2 didn’t see anything relevant, and her changes just reinforce the point.

Witness 12 concludes that Zimmerman was on top because the bigger guy was on top of the smaller guy. But Martin was bigger than Zimmerman: her conclusion is based on faulty media information. Given the photos shown relentlessly by the media, anyone would think (incorrectly) that Zimmerman was bigger. This will easily be corrected by the defense.

Witness 6 clearly states that the black guy was on top. Investigators probably browbeat him about his initial characterization of “MMA style punches,” but the relevant substance of his account hasn’t changed.

Witness 13 obviously doesn’t know how human beings respond to acute stress, and his psychological speculations are probably inadmissable.

All in all, this looks like more media attempts to paint the story as ambiguous enough to justify the fact that the leftist narrative they pressed for months was completely, manifestly, utterly wrong. In my view it is all part of the big media walk-back, in other words, rather than any substantive trouble for Zimmerman.

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