Leading contributor at Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right is admirer of preacher who wants Americans to be killed

In an entry posted late last night, “Another anti-Semite thinks he’s ‘got’ me,” I wrote that Alt-Right contributor Richard Hoste

is so stupid, and so discredits anti-Semitism, that I think it’s more likely he is a Jewish agent provocateur pretending to be an anti-Semite.

In reply, Timothy A. writes:

If Richard Hoste is not an agent provocateur, he gives a pretty good impression of one. In an article at The Occidental Quarterly, Hoste expresses admiration for Fred Phelps:

Although I lost my faith long ago, I found myself taking a liking to Pastor Phelps and his church. There is something incredibly inspiring and, well, manly about a God filled with such hatred and wrath. Phelps came across as a real man, especially when contrasted with advocates of the hippie Jesus who were interviewed in opposition to him.

Fred Phelps is the founder of Westboro Baptist Church whose members are primarily Phelps’ extended family.

Phelps and his church came to fame picketing the funerals of American soldiers killed in action carrying signs such as:

“Thank God for dead soldiers”


“Thank God for IEDs.”

Phelps, who sent a fan letter to Saddam Hussein just before his capture in 2003, has been accused by two of his sons of child abuse and of leading a cult.

Phelps runs a number of websites including: www.godhatesfags.com, www.godhatestheworld.com, and www.jewskilledjesus.com.

Judging by the picket schedule on the Phelps website, God is especially busy hating Catholics and Jews at present.

The final paragraph in the TOQ article by Hoste is another expression of admiration for Phelps.

I’m waiting for Hoste’s appreciation of George Lincoln Rockwell.

LA replies:

As little regard as I had for Richard Hoste, this information surprises me.

So now we know where Hoste was coming from when he said that terrorist attacks are no more damaging to America than traffic fatalities, and therefore we shouldn’t bother defending the country from them. He’s openly on the side of our enemies. He admires a preacher who thanks God when American soldiers are killed.

I repeat that Hoste is a main featured writer at Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right. When Alt-Right was launched in February, several of the inaugural articles were by Hoste, including the main article introducing the new website. So Spencer gave Hoste as much importance as he possibly could, making him the equal of himself as the site’s principal intellectual spokesman.

Given the utter strangeness of Spencer’s behavior as I have detailed, including his elevation of Hoste, would it be any stranger if Spencer really was Hoste, as a VFR reader is convinced is the case?

- end of initial entry -

M. Jose writes:

Regarding Fred Phelps, it has gone around the internet recently that the Ku Klux Klan has distanced itself from Rev. Phelps. Here’s a statement by the Klan:

The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. has not or EVER will have ANY connection with The ‘Westboro Baptist Church’. We absolutely repudiate their activities.

That’s from WikiQuote, which links to the original piece on the KKK’s website.

LA replies:

So Hoste deeply admires someone who is so extreme that the Klan will have nothing to do with him.

Robert C. (the reader who believes that Hoste is Spencer) writes:

Hoste tends to take out his hostility on Jews, blacks, feminists, the U.S. Government, etc. I do not think the White West or White Race or the White Western World will be saved by the likes of him. That requires a creative, not simply a destructive force. It is love of the West, the White Race, etc. that will save the West and the White Race, not simply snipping from the sidelines like Richard Hoste aka Richard Spencer. That is not to say that the above elements should not be opposed when these elements are trying to destroy White Western Civilization but one should also know what one is fighting for, not simply opposing and screaming, “Everything should be different!”

By the way, did you know that Hoste at his blog actually praised the Taliban especially opposing U.S. soldiers? Read it and the comments and judge for yourself.

Steve D. writes:

As little respect as I have for Fred Phelps, I have to say that I think you (and perhaps Timothy A) have misconstrued his position. You say he “thanks God when American soldiers are killed,” but it would probably be more accurate to say that he blames or credits God. Phelps teaches that these misfortunes happen to America because it has turned its back on God and His commandments; and that when they happen, if we wonder who to thank for them, “Thank God.” I am certain that his minions don’t use the phrase in the same sense that it is commonly used, to express gratitude or relief, but rather to express responsibility. I am also fairly certain that they are perfectly aware of the controversial wording they use, with its double interpretations; and that they do so merely to attract more attention to themselves.

Phelps’ position is perfectly logical, given his premises. If you believe in a God who hates those who cross him, and doles out savage punishment for any transgression, it’s a reasonable contention to make that America’s troubles are caused by God’s revenge upon us. It’s not his conclusion that’s twisted, but his premise. Phelps resembles nothing more than a modern-day Muhammad. That being the case, the accusations of child abuse don’t surprise me one bit. I would bet there’s actually quite a bit more than that going on behind the scenes.

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