The total worldwide victory of leftism, brought to us by the world’s leading conservative institutions

A reader in England writes:

Subject: “But when there’s too much of nothing / Nobody should look.”

Not a single mention in the Olympic closing ceremony of thanks or gratitude to God for these Games. Religion was mentioned one time only and that’s when when John Lennon (on film) sang the lyrics “Imagine there’s no religion / It’s easy if you try,” from the song “Imagine.” There was not a single song which expressed any sort of spirituality. Secularism was completely dominant. Wonder what British Muslims thought.

LA replies:

And the pope blessed this wholly secular event, as he and his predecessor have done for several Games past. But this does not come out of nowhere. Benedict’s blessing of a two-week perverted extravaganza where the future Queen of England cheered for female boxers and John Lennon’s hymn to godless humanity was performed in the closing ceremony is but the culmination of the modernizing mission the Church embraced in the 1960s. As Pope Paul VI declared at the final session of Vatican II in December 1965, “[W]e also, we more than anyone else, have the cult of man…. [The Catholic religion] proclaims itself to be entirely in the service of man’s well-being…. the Catholic faith exists for humanity.”

So the Church serves the secular religion of global humanity, of which the Olympics themselves are the main cult; just as the British monarchy serves the liberal deconstruction of Britain and of itself; just as America serves the spread of Islamic rule; and just as the American conservative movement and the Republican party serve the advance of homosexualism and its anti-traditionalist tyranny.

What were fifty years ago the three most prominent non-leftist institutions in the world—the Roman Catholic Church, the United States of America, and the British monarchy—are now explicitly in the service of the left. And the conservative movement itself is now explicitly in the service of the left.

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