The Darwinians have won! Randomness is taking over urban America!

Or are guns taking over urban America? Either way, human agency has nothing to do with it.

A montage of TV news clips about “random” attacks by blacks on whites has been posted at American Renaissance. Seeing all those zombie-like Ken and Barbie TV reporters repeatedly describe racial assaults and murders as “random” has an impact that is lacking in any written account.

However, given what Seattle’s police honchos say is the cause of the increasing black mayhem in their city, namely guns (and of course the same explanation would apply to other cities where black violence is spiking, such as Chicago), it appears that we have two conflicting theories of black mayhem. Someone should therefore ask the Seattle police brass: are these attacks and murders caused by guns, or by randomness?

Or could this be the answer: that the cause of the violence is guns, when it’s black-on-black, and randomness, when it’s black-on-white?

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Doug H. writes:

Next on the news:

“.38 caliber handgun suspected in random murder. Police describe the weapon as possibly a Remington or a Colt firearm. Be on the lookout.”

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