Radical extremist fundamentalist Christian terrorists

Here is an amusing video on the true threat facing the world (via Jihad Watch).

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December 30

Kathlene M. writes:

I don’t know if you knew it but that funny video is a clip from the 2008 movie “An American Carol” which spoofs Michael Moore. That was probably the funniest part of the movie. It’s amazing how prescient it was about an underwear bomber. How long before the suppository bomber arrives on the scene?

Here’s Netflix’s description of the movie:

David Zucker directs a star-studded cast in this topical comedy about an unpatriotic documentary filmmaker who wants to abolish the Fourth of July holiday—until he’s visited by three ghosts who beg him to reconsider. Can the spirits of America’s past, present and future spark a change of heart? Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight and Dennis Hopper star in this Charles Dickens–inspired fable that skewers the well-known work of director Michael Moore.

LA replies:

I hadn’t heard of the movie and it sounds like a brilliant idea. And it’s anti-leftist. Amazing.

And hold on: there’s a director named David Zucker who is sending up the anti-American Michael Moore? This must be some Jewish plot to throw us off the scent of the true, Jewish threat facing America. I’m sure the Darwinian anti-Semites at Majority Rights have already gotten to the bottom of this obvious fifth-columnist ploy.

Kathlene replies:

I wish Zucker and other directors would make more anti-leftist movies.

This movie was not side-splittingly funny but it had great moments, like that fake Bill O’Reilly segment.

December 31

Tim W. writes:

David Zucker is a Hollywood convert from liberalism to conservatism. From what I can gather from interviews I’ve heard with him, it was the Islamic terror threat that moved him to the right.

Zucker is noted for producing and directing satires, the biggest hits being Airplane (1980) and The Naked Gun (1988). The former is a spoof of the air disaster films of the 1970s and the latter a spoof of detective films. Both were huge hits. O.J. Simpson was one of the stars of The Naked Gun, and it makes it had to watch the movie today since he plays a good natured, friendly guy.

Kathlene M. is right about An American Carol. It has its moments, but is also weak in many areas. It’s fun to watch because it does mock anti-American liberalism and skewers Michael Moore. Be aware, though, that it has a ton of South Park style humor in it, such as a girl scout calling the Moore character vulgar names. Not that he doesn’t deserve it! :-)

LA replies:

Sure, I thought I recognized the name, The Naked Gun series was fun. After a career playing really unpleasant heavies in supporting roles, Leslie Nielsen found himself as a comic actor. And Priscilla Presley was so beautiful in those movies.

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