J Street

Caroline Glick presents a video of interviews at a meeting of J Street, the Jewish-American “pro-peace” organization. She writes:

I think the video is extremely revealing for what it says about the face of the so-called peace movement in Israel and the U.S. These people don’t want peace. They want to wage war against Israel. The support waging economic war against Israel. They view the IDF as indistinguishable from Hamas. They believe that bad Jews control U.S. foreign policy. They want to force Israel to its knees and coerce it into accepting a Palestinian state that will be in a state of war with Israel and whose borders will render Israel militarily indefensible.

These are not positions that are conducive to peace. They are positions that are conducive to the destruction of Israel.

Glick understates the problem. The J Street members interviewed in this video are simply allies of the Palestinians against Israel. I had thought that J Street tried to present itself as some kind of rational voice in the middle. That does not seem at all to be the case. If the comments made in this video are representative, J Street is a radical left, pro-Palestinian organization.

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