Islam permits sexual relations with infant “wife”

James M2 writes:

In relation to the post about an Austrian woman being sentenced to two years in jail for saying that Muhammad was a child molester, around four months ago Pamela Geller posted an audio recording in which a Christian Arab interviewed a Muslim on the subject of Islam’s allowance of infant and child brides. It’s at YouTube, and I’ve also put it on my web space. It’s about ten minutes long and a 10MB download.

Despite the fact that it deals with only one facet of the inherent threat and evil of Islam, I think this recording may be comparable to Fitna in its ability to get people questioning the things that need to be questioned. It’s a really incredible piece of audio.

LA replies:

I found the Christian Arab interviewer so repetitive and the Muslim interviewee so inarticulate that I didn’t listen to the whole thing. But this is shocking. Clearly there is some Islamic authority (which the interview does not clearly identify) that allows infant girls to be married, and allows the husband to tough her sexually, and the Muslim guest on the show sees this as completely normal and defends it, on the commonsensical (to a Muslim) grounds that a wife is a wife.

Clearly this tradition dates back to Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, meaning that Muhammad was not only a child molester, he was a cause of child molestation in others. Everything in Islam radiates from Muhammad, the Koran, and the hadiths.

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