BBC’s Question Time wilding of Nick Griffin

Friday night’s broadcast of the BBC’s prime political program, Question Time, can be seen in five segments at YouTube starting here. The pro-BNP blog Wigan Patriot has posted a commentary on the program, along with a column by a left-wing writer at the Guardian who thought the BBC disgraced itself. By the way, it will be interesting to see if the ultimate BNP-phobe, conservative stalwart Peter Hitchens, who fears and loathes the BNP infinitely more than he fears and loathes the Islamization of Britain, will have it in him to condemn the program, since he probably thinks Nick Griffin deserved the treatment he got.

I just checked out Hitchens’s blog at the Mail, and I was right. Hitchens is simply overjoyed by the televised lynching of Griffin, proclaiming that it at last exposed Griffin for the worthless racist slime that he is.

For those who don’t have the time to watch the hour-long program, the blog Constantly Furious (via Wigan Patriot) provides an exclusive version of the transcript which skillfully abridges the program down to its essentials. We’re told in an introduction that the panel consisted of MP Chris WhoHe of the Liberal Democrats, Jack Straw for Labour, Sayeeda WhoShe for the Conservatives, and Bonnie Greer, a random American writer, filling the vital role of black-person-seated-right-next-to-Griffin. Here is the abridged transcript:

Dimbleby: “Good evening. I’d like to welcome our panel tonight. Well, all of them bar one, of course”

[audience laughs nervously]

Griffin: “I ..”

[audience boos enthusiatically]

Dimblebore: “That’s really quite enough from you, Mr Griffin”

[applause. Cries of ‘quite right’]

Dumbledore: “First, I must just apologise for the screaming and breaking glass you may be able to hear. I’m told that the UAF [the violent leftwing group United Against Fascism] have peacefully stormed the building and are now peacefully smashing the place up”.

Dumbledore: “..and so, to our first question. Gentleman with the cross face..”

Angry Asian: “Nick. Is it that you love Churchill and hate Muslims, innit?”

[wild applause, jeering]

Griffin: “I didn’t … “

Baroness Wassup [interrupting]: “Yes, you do, don’t you, you do”

[prolonged applause]

Dumbledore: “Moving on now. I’ve got photos, Mr Griffin, of you standing near a man from the Klu Klux Klan. Does the very existence of these photo’s not prove, beyond doubt, that you’d very much like to strap a black man to the front of your pickup and drive all round the bayou at high speed?”

Griffindor: “Well, I … “

Bonnie Greer [interrupting]: “Don’t you try to tell me about no KKK. I’m a ‘merican.”

[rapturous applause, cries of ‘Right on’, ‘mmm hmmm’]

Dumbledore: “I must just apologise for the smoke the audience may able to smell. I’m told that the UAF have peacefully ripped open the filing cabinets, piled up all the scripts and books in the building, and set light to them”.

Dimblebore: “..and now, for another question”

Lone non-nutter in audience: “Is it not possibly the case that some of our problems with immigration stem from Labour’s policies in this area?”

[audience falls silent, confused]

Chris WhoHe: “What? Is it me? Sorry. What was the question?”

Jack Straw: “I’d like to answer that by reading out a long list of Labour’s achievements, allowing the audience to refill their glasses and go to the toilet.”

Baroness WhoShe: “Well that’s not true is it, and … “

Dimbleby [interrupting]: “I’m sorry, we’ll have to move on. Mr Griffin is just sitting there, smiling, and no-one has booed him for nearly five minutes”

[applause, booing]

Dumbledore: “Moving on. Mr Griffin, I’ve got a puppy in this bag. Very cute. But it’s a black puppy. Am I right in thinking that you, and members of your odious party, would like to kick it to death and then eat it?”

Griffin: “Well, that would be illegal and..”

Straw [interrupting]:: “As a member of the Government, and a Justice Minister, can I just say that I would be more than happy to change the law, right now, if I felt that it would make you look bad, Mr Griffin, or indeed make me look better.”

[applause, shouts of ‘go on Jack’]

Dimmock: “..and so to another question. You sir, what would you like to ask the panel?”

Teenager: “Hey, Mr Griffin: instead of calling you Nick, I call you Dick

[thunderous applause, teenager high-fived by all in the next row]

Dumbledore: “I must just apologise for the triumphant howling you may be able to hear. I’m told that the UAF have peacefully killed a BBC security guard, and are parading his head on a pole around the car park”.

Dimbley:”..but now, time for one more question, and perhaps on a slightly different topic. You, sir..”

Angry black man: “Griffin, Why don’t you f**k off to the Antarctic? it’s all white there”

[hysterical laughter, applause, cries of ‘yeah!’]

Dimbleby: “Well, I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got time for tonight. Some pretty impressive, incisive debate this evening, I think you’ll agree. And to the audience, I would ask you to leave by the western exit, as the UAF have peacefully brought down a police helicopter in the eastern carpark, and are currently hacking the occupants to death with machetes. Goodnight!”

[applause, music, lights fade]

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