The massive injustice of liberalism, which liberals call justice

Through continual additions, the entry, “Hispanics—Democratic and Republican,” turned into a meditation on how liberalism is about (a) giving massive wealth transfers and other favors to people who by any notion of justice should not receive such transfers and such favors; (b) imposing massive unjust disadvantages on the people from whom the wealth is being transferred; and (c) calling this massive injustice “justice.” Then, in an update, I quoted a passage from Atlas Shrugged I had just come upon which made an analogous point, not in terms of unjust wealth transfers, but in terms of giving people praise they do not deserve. The issue for us is not just telling an average-looking woman that she’s beautiful (which was the point made in the Rand passage by one of her villains), but showering the entire female sex and entire races with praise and honors they do not deserve.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 02, 2012 09:40 AM | Send

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