The importance of defending the white race

In a May 2008, in a response to a comment by Kidist Paulos Asrat about Theodore Dalrymple, I wrote:

He sounds like Charles Murray, who snootily commented that he would prefer living in a Hispanic or Asian neighborhood to a “white-bread” community. All these “conservative” celebrity intellectuals, whatever good they may do in their writings, are at their core indifferent or hostile to the white race, which means they are indifferent or hostile to the West. You cannot preserve your society, your civilization, if you denigrate the people, the race, that created that civilization and populated and led it through its entire history. No person who is anti-white or who is indifferent to the marginalization and dispossession of the white Western peoples can be a genuine conservative. I say this because, even if “conservatives” seek to preserve some conservative values, if they will not defend the white race and the historic white-majority character of the Western societies, then the West will be lost, along with all those other conservative values that the “conservatives” are defending. If people will not defend the West as a concrete, ethno-cultural entity that has a recognizable continuity with its past, then they are not defending the West, and they are not conservatives.

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