The fatal error that the clueless conservative movement keep committing

In a recent entry on Sarah Palin, I wrote:

As long as the right defines conservatism as that which the left attacks, all the left has to do is attack some liberal Republican, like Bush or McCain or the feminist, Title IX-spouting Palin, and the right will then automatically see that liberal Republican as the leader and symbol of conservatism and invest all its energies in his or her defense. The left thus effortlessly gets the right to abandon conservatism and move itself to the left, without the right even realizing that this is happening

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November 27

Rex W. writes:

You wrote about the tendency for conservatism to “define itself as anything one inch to the right of the left”

I don’t think you can really blame people for this tactic because it worked (and continues to work) brilliantly in the other direction.

I believe the real flaw of conservatism is best explained by the question “does a fish know it’s wet?” I think most conservatives do not realize just how total the left’s domination of modern culture really is and I think THAT is the fatal error. Clueless is a perfect word.

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