A stunning Steyn contradiction

As was reported by a reader the other day, Mark Steyn says he disagrees with Patrick Buchananís comment that it would be easier to assimilate a million Englishmen into America than a million Zulus. In other words (to put this risible position in as plain language as possible), Steyn thinks that Zulus are as easy to assimilate into America as Englishmen. Now, since I happen to be Steynís biggest critic on the planet, especially regarding his pseudo-intellectual and treasonous thesis that low white European birthrates inevitably and imminently doom Europe to Islamization, I should have picked up on a little contradiction at that point, but I missed it entirely. Fortunately Rhona N. was more alert. She writes:

Iíve always liked the Buchanan comment because it involves philosophical honor. If you maintain that Zulus are as assimilable as the English, youíre either an idiot or a liar. In any event, hasnít Mark Steyn been lamenting of late the failure of Europeans to reproduce and the effect this will have on European society? Whatís the worry Mark, just import millions of Zulus and presto, problem solved. After all thereís no difference, is there?

This shows that this man doesnít have a consistent thought in his head, or worse.

LA replies:

What is also shows is how completely unserious Steyn is about anything he says. Someone should write to him at his website and get an answer from him on this. Either he does believe that racial and cultural differences are of no importance at all and that everyone on earth is equally assimilable to America and other Western countries, in which case maintaining native birthrates is not necessary; we can just increase immigration; or, if Steyn does not really believe that all peoples are equally assimilable, then he must drop his support for our present non-discriminatory immigration laws. What he cannot do is continue to support mass non-Western immigration (demonstrating that race is of no importance to him) AND call for native whites to have more lots more babies to stave off demographic death and/or the Islamic takeover (which indicates that race, namely the white race, is important to him).

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