Stupidity and tattoos

James P. writes:

Stupidity and tattoos—somehow the two just go together.

According to the UK Telegraph, Jerri Peterson thought it was appropriate for an Olympic torch bearer to have “Olympic Torch Bearer” tattooed on her arm.

The tattoo artist misspelled the word “olympic”—but Peterson was so stupid she didn’t even notice this herself. A friend pointed it out to her.

She is not going to have the error corrected, because “the tattoo is as unique as I am.”

No, Jerry, you are not unique. Countless millions of people are, like you, dimwitted and tattooed.

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Gintas writes:

From the Telegraph article:

Jerri Peterson, from Atlanta in the U.S., paid $10 (£6.40) to have the words “Olympic Torch Bearer” inked on to her arm before she carried the flame through Derby.

Well, you get what you pay for. Correct spelling goes for $25.

Atlanta, huh? It may make sense. The Atlanta Olympic Committee, in the runup to the 1996 Olympics, sued anyone using the word “Olympic” because the AOC had some right to the name. There was a Greek restaurant, which had been there forever, called “The Olympic” that the AOC attacked and imposed a name change. I remember this, because I set up a web page called “The Olympics” with a picture of such named mountain range in Washington and a sneer at the AOC.

Laura Wood writes:

There is a Greek restaurant near where I live that was recently informed by the International Olympic Committee that it would have to change its name. It will have to spend $6,000 for new signs. This tattoo is a fortuitous event, perhaps the start of a chain of Oylmpia restaurants with great souvlaki. They could have pictures on the walls of an imaginary place where everyone has tattoos and is out of shape. There are never athletic competitions in Oylmpia.

LA replies:

It is beyond outrageous that the International Olympic Committee has been allowed to claim ownership of the name Olympic, and even Olympia. Something very bad has happened in the area of copyright law.

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