Another conservative supports Jones

Daniel S. writes:

Jeff Culbreath of the “What’s Wrong with the World” blog has written in defense of Koran burning as an act of defiance toward Islamic aggression and has stated that Terry Jones deserves our gratitude.

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Jim C. writes:

What do you think the average Muslim IQ is—about 90? Science tells us that violence is tied to low IQ, so why tempt the followers of the largest low-IQ religion?

LA replies:

By the dictates of their low-IQ religion, everything we do is “tempting” them to harm us. Our very existence as non-Muslims is tempting them to harm us. Only if we stopped existing would we stop tempting them. Therefore the only practical way to stop tempting them is to separate them physically from ourselves. Then, even if they are tempted, they will simply lack the opportunity to do anything about it.

LA continues:

When I called Islam a low-IQ religion, I didn’t mean that the Koran and its author are stupid. I’ve called Muhammad a genius and the successful Hitler, who designed Islam as a sustainable, highly flexible set of strategies for the conquest of the world. By “low-IQ religion” I mean that Islam is uniquely well designed for the control and manipulation of low-IQ people.

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