Man bites dog—I mean, Bush calls for enforcing immigration laws

If President Bush’s amazing and totally out-of-character statement that he intends eventually to expel every single illegal alien from America means anything (since it obviously can’t be taken seriously on its own terms), it would indicate that he is not continuing with his King George-like Intolerable Acts against his conservative base, but is trying to assuage them. But in order to assuage them, the assuaging must have some credibility. Given Bush’s record as an open-borders fanatic (and that is not too harsh a description), his new Enforcer stance seems so obviously insincere that it will not help him in his real goal which is to quiet and placate the conservatives (even the L-dotters, formerly Bush’s über supporters, are all dismissing it as a phony gesture). And since the conservatives will remain unplacated, Bush will once again see them as impossibly difficult and demanding, and so he will let out his hostility toward them again, and the relationship will continue to spiral downwards.

It’s amazing to be discussing a political alliance as though it were, say, Sam and Diane, but that’s the way it seems. (I admit Sam and Diane may not be the best analogy; but for those familiar with football, a reader suggested Al Davis’s relationship with Kenny Stabler.)

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 19, 2005 02:10 AM | Send

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