A marriage, or a merger?

See Laura Wood’s trenchant comments about the marriage of Anthony Weiner and his absent, globe-trotting wife Huma Abedin, who, while her husband’s reputation and career are going down the tubes,

works non-stop even when her marriage is in crisis. Her strength is awesome. Here we see what feminism is really about: the avoidance of pain and intimacy.

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James P. writes:

Laura Wood wrote:

“Here we see what feminism is really about: the avoidance of pain and intimacy.”

Avoidance of home and husband is more like it.

In this case, a justified aversion.

Paul K. writes:

At the time Huma married Weiner, she was widely rumored to be involved in a long-term lesbian relationship with Hillary. The marriage helped with that problem, so the notion that it was a merger is not without foundation.

You would think that the wedding might also have helped the hitherto unmarried Weiner, but how did his marriage to a Saudi Arabian strike his primarily Orthodox Jewish constituents?

I am out of my depth when matters get to this level of decadence and corruption.

LA replies:

Are you trying to say that some things human are alien to you?

Paul K. replies:

Certainly some things Huma are alien to me.

LA replies:

Oh oh oh ha ha ha ha

Paul K. replies:

Well, you handed me that one.

LA replies:

Not deliberately. The idea was yours.

Paul K. replies:
You were aiding and Abedin’ me, at any rate.

Roland D. writes:

I just wanted to point out that Rep. Weiner’s quite attractive, nominally-Muslim wife has for years been rumored to be engaged in an intimate relationship with Hillary Clinton; when her marriage to Weiner was announced, it was speculated that he was essentially to serve as a “beard” in order to quell the persistent rumors surrounding her relationship with Hillary Clinton.

I’ve no idea as to the veracity of these allegations. However, their longevity and pervasiveness, along with Huma Abedin’s silence and invisibility over the last few days, the bizarre, apparently non-ironic description of Abedin as a “body woman” for Hillary Clinton by the liberal press, and the fact that Abedin seems to spent more time traveling with Clinton than she does with her husband, does raise eyebrows, in my humble opinion..

JC writes from Houston:

I’m just curious but where did Bill Clinton get the authority to perform marriages?

LA replies:

Is there perhaps a law that anyone who is a magistrate or a former magistrate in the U.S. (e.g., mayor, governor, president) can marry people? If it’s not that, I don’t know what it is.

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