Anti-police riot by black college students

A fight breaks out between two black students in a dorm at Hesser College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Police arrive, and black students launch a riot against the police.

Here is the story in the Union-Leader. Be sure to see the photos of the six arrested students

As they are now, with their engrained anti-police, anti-white attitudes, blacks as a community are a threat to society. This does not mean, of course, that all blacks as individuals are a threat. It means that blacks as a community are a threat—a permanently hostile presence within this country.

John Hagan, who sent the article, writes:

In 96 percent white New Hampshire we had a race riot yesterday as black college students attacked local police. Hesser college in Manchester NH is one of these strange “institutions of higher learning” that occupy a rented office building. The purpose of the college seems to be to fill the building up with minority students, and milk the system for government money.

I had never heard of the place until yesterday, but it looks like every black student who could not get into college in his home state of Massachusetts found his way to Hesser. The pictures of the arrested students are priceless, as are the comments from the Hesser students at the bottom of the story. I can’t confirm this, but someone wrote that the entrance exam to the college was not the SAT, but the NFL Wounderlic Test…. I kid you not !

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