I write to the author of the first serious article about Islam ever published in the mainstream conservative press

Here is an e-mail I’ve written to Paul Sperry:

Dear Mr. Sperry,

Your article last week in Investors Business Daily, “Assuming the Best about Muslims,” is, to my knowledge, the first article in any mainstream conservative publication that states the essential but forbidden truth that Islam itself, and not some secondary factor such as poverty or discrimination or despotism, is the source of Muslims’ hatred of the West. Congratulations on getting IBD’s editors to cross that line.

For around ten years I have been writing about the fact that Western intellectuals, journalists, and politicians, if they acknowledge the existence of Islamic extremism at all (which many don’t), keep blaming it on some factor other than Islam, usually something that is the fault of the West. See my collection, Non-Islam theories of Islamic extremism. Also see my speech, “A Real Islam Policy for a Real America,” where I lay out a detailed strategy on how to save the America and the West from Islam.

I hope your article is not a one-off event, but that it leads to a spreading acknowledgment by mainstream conservatives that (1) Islam is radically incompatible with the West and a permanent threat to us, and (2) therefore, for our own safety, freedom, and survival, Islam must be excluded from the West. The second point proceeds ineluctably from the first. I know of only two writers other than myself who unambiguously adopt both points, Serge Trifkovic and Fjordman. Here’s hoping that you also take the logical step from point one to point two.

I posted on your article at my blog, here.

Lawrence Auster
View from the Right

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Terry Morris writes:

I think he’s already taken that step. See his book “Infiltration.”

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