At last! A cure for racism.

James P. writes:

The Telegraph reports that a heart disease drug also combats that baneful ailment that afflicts white people everywhere, “implicit” racism.

The paper notes some exciting possibilities:

“Implicit racial bias can occur even in people with a sincere belief in equality. Given the key role that such implicit attitudes appear to play in discrimination against other ethnic groups, and the widespread use of propranolol for medical purposes, our findings are also of considerable ethical interest.” …

Professor Julian Savulescu, from Oxford University’s Faculty of Philosophy, said: “Such research raises the tantalising possibility that our unconscious racial attitudes could be modulated using drugs, a possibility that requires careful ethical analysis.”

Why, they ought to put this in the drinking water, and send Federal agents to the schools to ensure the kids take their anti-racism pills!

LA replies:

It’s so exciting to live in an age in which new technological marvels are being made available every day.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 07, 2012 10:59 PM | Send

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