Young businessman dies after being punched by attacking gang in Golden Gate Park

Kristor writes:

Here’s another for your archives. A tall young fitness fanatic and innovative businessman, by the name of Stephen Martin, ran the San Francisco Bay to Breakers race on May 20, and was celebrating afterward with friends at the western edge of Golden Gate Park, where the race ends. Bay to Breakers is a beloved tradition in SF; a mix of silliness and athleticism. It draws many thousands. Two hours into the after party, at about 5:00 p.m., Martin was punched in a “dispute over a cell phone” that was apparently “gang-related” and involved “strangers” wearing 49ers jerseys. He fell to the pavement, hitting his head, and has just died after being taken off life support.

The SF Chronicle reprises the standard journalistic tropes used in such cases: a lengthy recounting of what a wonderful guy Martin was, and how he didn’t deserve to suffer this “tragic crime,” with essentially zero information about how he came to die. The police don’t have a suspect, and are begging the public for cell phone photos or videos that might help them identify the perp. But of course they tell us nothing of what they do really know about the perp. And they must know a lot, because there had to have been many eyewitnesses. The article has a photo taken just before Mr. Martin was attacked.

LA replies:

It says police are seeking photos and videos in order to identify the suspect. But since he was punched following an argument in the middle of a party, wouldn’t people have seen the suspect and been able to give a physical description of him? The attack took place over three weeks ago, and they still have no idea what the attacker looked like?

So I Googled the case, and found more details, at KTVU:

Witnesses say Martin was wearing a green troll doll wig and began arguing with a group of men in 49ers jerseys shortly before 5 p.m.

That’s when they say one of the men ran toward Martin and punched him, which led to him falling and hitting his head on the curb.

Police, family and friends were certain Sunday that someone had the suspects in a photo or video from the race, which is why they set up Facebook pages aimed at supporting the family and generating tips.

“Even if it’s in the background, you want to think that almost every inch of this place was photographed during that day,” said Cavanaugh.

Witnesses describe the assailants as a group of Latino men in their 20’s—wearing red and white 49ers jerseys.

So there is a physical—including a racial—description of the attacker, and the San Francisco Chronicle chose to conceal it. This proves that when there is an at-large violent nonwhite criminal who has killed a white, and the race of the perpetrator is known, and the police are actively looking for him, at least some of the liberal media will conceal his physical description. The San Francisco Chronicle cares more about covering up the facts of nonwhite-on-white violence than about capturing an at-large killer.

If Stephen Martin, understanding that many of the things that apply to blacks also apply to nonwhite Hispanics, had read and heeded John Derbyshire’s article, “The Talk (Nonblack Version),” particularly points 10d and 10e,

(10d) Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.

(10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.

And also if he had read point 10(d) of Paul K.’s Revised and Expanded Version of Derbyshire’s article:

10(d) Understand that even a simple, polite admonishment directed at a black may incite a violent response. Weigh this before you ask blacks to pick up their litter, to stop talking during a movie, or to put out cigarettes in a non-smoking area.

Then when the “Latino” gang showed up at the party in Golden Gate Park and began making trouble, Martin, instead of arguing with them (based on the innocent but suicidal assumption that you can argue with blacks and Hispanics the same way you argue with whites), would have walked away, and he might have avoided the attack that resulted in his death.

But where could he have read such life-saving advice, other than at Taki’s Magazine, View from the Right, and other marginal, race-conscious publications, since the mainstream conservative movement strictly forbids truthful accounts of nonwhite-on-white violence, and National Review fired Derbyshire for his article?


The San Jose Mercury News has a somewhat different account of the incident:

Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Andraychak said Martin and his friends were “interacting socially” in Golden Gate Park after the race with a group of about 12 men and women, some of them wearing 49ers football team jerseys. One woman wore an orange tutu.

At some point, Andraychak said, an “altercation over a cellphone” broke out between members of the two groups. Martin was standing with a friend when a man from the other group came from his side and punched him. Police did not know if the other group had participated in the race.

Translation: this group of white (and, one might reasonably guess from their outlandish outfits, homosexual) runners socially interacted with a group of Hispanic or black “youth” wearing football jerseys; one of the Hispanics/blacks tried to take a cellphone belonging to one of the whites, which led to an “altercation” (how often do whites get into altercations with other whites over cellphones?), and this unleashed a sudden outburst of fatal violence by one of the blacks/Hispanics. Not only did Martin and his friends not promptly leave when a group of black or Hispanic youth showed up, as Derbyshire’s rules would have warned them to do; they hung out with them, even having their picture taken with them. But they wouldn’t have had to read Derbyshire’s rules to know that this was imprudent. Anyone who regularly reads mainstream media accounts of nonwhite-on-white murders would understand that this was highly reckless behavior. Unfortunately, such stories only appear in local media, not national media, so even people who follow the news would only know about such attacks in their own city. Only a handful of blogs, such as VFR, Stuff Black People Don’t Like, and The Big Lie on Parade, assemble these stories and so provide a national picture. The handful of marginal bloggers who speak the truth about nonwhite-on-white violence are considered racist, i.e., morally wicked, by mainstream American society. But, to paraphrase Jesus’ challenge to the Pharisees in the Gospel of Mark, chapter three, verse 4: Is it moral to warn people of a fatal danger, or to keep them in the dark? to save life, or to kill?

- end of initial entry -

Paul K. writes:

The information that Martin was socializing with the blacks/Hispanics shortly before one killed him reminded me on an insight I came across on the Deconstructing Leftism blog, in an entry titled “A Note to Foreign Readers on Street Safety in the U.S.”:

The strange and twisted thing about black people is they often have a happy, relaxed, party atmosphere about them. If you didn’t know anything about blacks and you walked through a black slum at sunset, you would think “These people are happy and joyful, they must be kind as well.” But this mood changes to aggression and violence instantaneously. It’s shocking to see. If they are attacking as a group, they will maintain their happy demeanor while they are attacking. Please do not be fooled. Black people as group work very much off the Stockholm Syndrome.

The whole entry is worth reading.

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