The latest white woman who thought she was getting Barack Obama, and instead got dead

This story was published by Daily Mail on Thursday, June 14, while police were still looking for Dr. Timothy Jorden in the murder of Jackie Wisniewski, and before Jorden, slain by his own hand shortly after the murder on Wednesday morning, was found dead a mile from his home yesterday, June 15. None of the national U.S. media articles in the first couple of days after the murder gave the below facts about Jackie Wisniewski’s terror of her former lover. Without the Mail, which culls information from local U.S. media that never gets national coverage, we’d be in the dark (that is, without doing extensive searches on our own).

Also, as has been pointed out before, and as this story illustrates for the nth time, once a woman comes under a mortal threat from a former lover, she has only one sure way to save her life: to leave town and go into hiding. Entire cemeteries are filled with the bodies of women who took out restraining orders. Jackie Wisnieswski didn’t even do that.

‘She was deathly scared he would kill her’: Friends reveal fears of hospital receptionist ‘gunned down by prominent surgeon lover now on the run’

Friends of the hospital receptionist allegedly shot dead at point-blank range by a prominent surgeon have revealed she was ‘deathly afraid’ of the man, her former boyfriend.

Jacqueline Wisniewski, 33, was lured into a stairwell at the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York on Wednesday morning and shot multiple times in the head and upper body, police said.

Another blondie traipses into the maw of death

Dr. Jorden as Dr. Jekyll

Dr. Jorden as Mr. Hyde

The woman, who had a young son and was training to be a nurse, was allegedly gunned down by her ex-boyfriend Timothy V. Jorden, a former Army weapons expert who is still at large.

Her friends have now revealed that Wisniewski had been in an abusive relationship with the man, who allegedly stalked her and once held her captive in her home, wielding a knife.

‘She told me, “I’m scared”,’ her friend, Heather Shipley, told the Buffalo News. ‘She said: “If anything happens to me, you know who did it”.’

Shipley said Wisniewski had lived with Jorden but left him as she believed he was having affairs with other women. When they broke up after more than a year of dating, he refused to move on. [LA replies: notice how “dating” seems to be a synonum for “lived with.”

Wisniewski said the surgeon had put a GPS tracking device in her car to keep track of her movements. After she discovered the device, she filed a police report, Shipley said.

‘[He] knew everywhere she was going,’ Shipley told WIVB. ‘He was driving by her house, sitting in the parking lot across from her street, stalking her.’

On another occasion, he held her captive in her home for a day and a half with a knife and stabbing her deep enough to draw blood, the friend said. He also once gave her a black eye, she said.

‘He threatened to kill her a couple of times,’ Shipley added. ‘But I think in her mind she wouldn’t believe it would actually happen.’ [LA replies: Rejected lovers have been killing women since the beginning of time. Stories of such murders are in the news every week. Jorden had harmed her and threatened her life. But Jackie Wisniewski still thought it wouldn’t happen to her.]

But she added: ‘She was afraid of him. She was deathly afraid of him.’ [LA replies: She was deathly afraid of him, but evidently did NOTHING to protect herself from him.]

Shipley said she believed her friend did not speak out more as she loved him. ‘She didn’t want to get him in trouble because he was a surgeon and she didn’t want to ruin his reputation,’ she explained.

Wisniewski’s boss at ECMC’s Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, Dori R. Marshall, said the woman had told her she was in an abusive situation with a physician, but did not name him. [cont.]

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LA writes:

The CBS story about the discovery of Jorden’s body, linked at the beginning of this entry, reports:

As Jorden’s tailspin accelerated, friends, neighbors and colleagues painted a picture of a man in decline. Jorden, once 250 pounds and clean-shaven, had lost up to 75 pounds and let his face get scraggly. His neatly manicured lawn got overgrown. He just didn’t seem the same; not as “nice” as before, was how neighbor June Dupree put it.

LA writes:

My caption under Jackie Wisniewski’s photograph, “Another blondie traipses into the maw of death,” is not entirely fair, since she was not, as far as we know, behaving with the mad carelessless with which many white female victims of black men have behaved. She went out with, got involved with, and lived with a man who was a respected surgeon. But now that we see how it ended, we can say that it is probably the case that from the moment she accepted a first date with Dr. Jorden her goose was cooked, because at a certain point it was inevitable that she would end the relationship (because of his sleeping with other women), and that this would drive him to kill her. The only way she could have been safe was not to go out with him at all. But how could she not have gone out with him? He was, in his Dr. Jekyll phase, a nice looking, respected black surgeon. He was a catch! The only way she could not have gone out with him was if she had a principle against going out with black men. She would have had to be a woman who rejected, consciously and deliberately, the liberal teaching that it is racist, i.e., morally wrong, for a white woman to avoid an intimate relationship with a black man for no other reason than that he’s black.

But here too I am being unfair. What if he had been white, but in all other respects the same (i.e., a man with a secret mania that would lead him to kill a woman who ended a relationship with him), and she had no racial reason to avoid a relationship with him? There are certainly well-to-do white men who kill their ex-girlfriends, though they are far fewer than the the percentage of well-to-do black men who kill their (white) ex-girlfriends. (See my discussion of the need for statistics on this.) If he had been white, she would have had no warning sign at all that we know of, and her doom would have been sealed from the moment she went out with him or the moment she entered into a relationship with him. But he was not white, he was black, and that would have constituted a warning sign, but only to a woman who was aware of black men’s much greater propensity for violence and who consciously rejected the racial teachings of liberal society.

However, I have left out the simplest—but also the hardest—path of safety for Jackie Wisniewski. If she had been a strict traditionalist or a strict traditional Christian, she would not have gotten into a sexual relationship with a man to whom she was not married, regardless of his race, and regardless of how prominent and successful he was.

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