Would-be Nidal Hasan imitator arrested near Fort Hood

An AWOL Army soldier who was following the footsteps of Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. He was defiant at his hearing today, shouting the name of Nidal Hasan. He told authorities he planned to construct two bombs in a motel room near Fort Hood, “using gunpowder and shrapnel packed into pressure cookers and then detonate the explosives at a restaurant frequented by soldiers, court documents released Friday said.”

He is Naser Abdo, and he grew up in Garland, Texas. He says his mother is Christian and his father is Muslim, and that he decided to follow Islam when he was 17.

He wrote that he joined the Army believing he could serve in the military and honor his religion, but he ended up having to endure insults and threats from fellow soldiers over his religion during basic and advanced training.

As his study of Islam progressed, he realized that going to war for America was wrong Islamically. He sought conscientious objector status, and the Army was going to release him, but the release was delayed when he was charged this past May with possession of child pornography. That, apparently, is when he decided to mass murder his fellow soldiers.

Is there any lesson to be learned from this story? That is a question that is never asked by politicians and mainstream media, or at least it is not asked seriously, in the sense of “What can we do to eliminate the threat of Islamic terrorism in this country?” It is not asked because, under the rule of liberalism, there is no solution to the domestic Islamic terrorism problem, and therefore there can be no lesson learned from domestic Islamic terrorism; it is difficult for the human mind to grasp the nature of a problem, if no solution to the problem is possible. But outside the rule of liberalism there is a solution to the problem: Islam and Muslims must be excluded from America. Once that practical solution comes into view, so does the lesson that ought to be learned from this and a thousand similar incidents, namely: Islam and Muslims don’t belong in America. If Abdo’s father had not been permitted to immigrate into this country, the half Muslim, later fully Muslim and jihadist Naser Abdo wouldn’t have been born, and we wouldn’t have had to deal with this U.S. citizen and G.I. who saw himself as an enemy of this country required by his god to murder Americans.

Why do I write more about the Islam problem than about the Hispanization of America, even though the latter poses a greater long-term threat to our nation and culture? One obvious reason is that there are not constant plots by Hispanics to mass murder Americans. Islam is sui generis, existing under a sacred command to destroy us, and therefore our official and enforced blindness to the Islam threat triggers a sense of wonder and horror that the gradual routine Hispanization of America does not trigger.

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JC in Houston writes:

I remember following the story when Abdo was seeking conscientious objector status after refusing to deploy to Afghanistan. He didn’t want to go because he might have to kill fellow Muslims. It looks like he doesn’t mind killing at all if if the targets are infidel Americans. This is a sterling example of the “diversity” that General Casey feared would be a casualty of the Hassan murders. You are so correct, Muslims have no business living in our country, much less being allowed to join the armed forces where they are a ready made fifth column. I pull my hair out at the insanity of letting the followers of this toxic cult infiltrate our society. At least Abdo appears to be a good Muslim following the example of the prophet, he likes the kiddies young.

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