The best of Lawrence Auster, selected by Ideologee

On February 22 I linked the blogger Ideologee’s collection “The best of Lawrence Auster.” He had very skillfully picked out several strong excerpts from VFR on a representative selection of topics. Reading it again after ten days, I thought the collection was so good (and Ideologee’s editorial remarks are also very intelligent—I had never read his blog before) that it ought to be posted at VFR as well, so in case his blog suddenly went offline at some point and its contents were deleted, as sometimes happens, very disturbingly (remember The Big Lie on Parade?), it would always be available. In any case, how long will any blog last? VFR will be permanently online, preserved as an archive, after I’m gone.

What I was especially pleased by in the items in this selection is that, with a minimum of words and a maximum of logical clarity, I drive my points to an unanswerable conclusion, and in each case that conclusion involves the total rejection of the conventional liberal world view and an opening to a non-liberal world. Which, of course, is what I’m about.

Instead of copying and reposting the article and reformatting it in the VFR style (Ideologee’s formatting is much more attractive and professional than mine), I have simply saved and uploaded the original html page.

To see the article, click here.

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