Beck, blacks, and Progressives

JC in Houston writes (January 27):

Glenn (“Blacks won the American Revolution”) Beck was in rare form this morning. He is unfortunately on the Sirius Patriot Channel while I’m driving to work. It started off with some black activist talking about how MLK was for socialist redistribution and Beck then defending his hero MLK and saying how he wanted just a colorblind society. Beck then went on to criticize the new Lucas film Redtails, another telling of the Tuskeegee airmen of WWII. Beck’s criticism was that the movie had bad acting that didn’t do justice to “one of the most heroic episodes in American history.” And of course Beck blamed this whole idea of “segregation” on “Progressives” and especially Woodrow Wilson.

LA replies:

Here are Google results on Beck’s statements about the central role played by blacks in the American Revolution.

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Daniel S. writes:

It is because such men such as Glenn “The Tea Party Might Be Racist” Beck are considered the intellectual leaders of the conservative movement that it is in such a sad state. Beck is a man with no foundation, other than certain modern liberal platitudes, and hence is an intellectual basket case. In more sane times someone like Beck would be ignored, certainly not a leading talk radio host. Now instead the conservative is lead further into intellectual and moral bankruptcy by the Becks, Goldbergs, and Lowrys of the world.

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