Open support for criminalization of truthful statements about Islam

In an exchange at Rod Dreher’s site last month, commenter mik infidelos said:

If you openly and publicly criticize Islam, you are liable to be charged with exciting a racial hatred. That is true for most West European countries.

So, yes, the freedom to discuss Islamic region does not exist anymore.

In UK mere connection in any form between Islam/Muslims and terrorism is highly suspect. In government you cannot do it, outside of gov it is highly suspect.

The following reply was then posted:

The “freedom” to denigrate someone else’s most deeply held beliefs does not rank high on my list. It’s like the “freedom” to deny homosexuals equal treatment in housing and the workplace. Perhaps it’s a freedom we could happily do without.

Posted by: Susan | October 4, 2007 1:46 AM

Later commenters disagreed with Susan. But how many in the West agree with her—in addition, of course, to all the governments of Western Europe? As can be seen from the amazing attack on the Brussels Journal and the Vlaams Belang by Charles Johnson and his followers at LGF, the answer is: a lot. I hope to discuss this in detail later in the weekend.

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Mark P. writes:

It burns my blood when I read comments like that from “Susan”. I submitted the following for post (I don’t want this to happen, but I think libs deserve to hear it):

To Susan:

Islam is the greatest engine of Conservatism on the planet. With Islam in control, the liberal movement run by Jews, homosexuals, women and other assorted deviants and freaks will be dashed on the rocks of history. Every male (including every white male, currently the primary target of liberalism)will have his status instantly raised above the current crop of effeminized, homosexualized, liberal leaders ruining this country. Every man can avoid the depravity of Islam by simply converting to Islam. Every man can prove his loyalty to Islam by simply slaughtering, converting or dhimmi-ing infidels.

Guess who the infidels will be? When that happens, you will learn first hand the feel of the burqha and scimitar as you watch the present world from which you profit from be burned to the ground.

George writes:

The recent brouhaha at LGF is more evidence that Islam is the solvent that will ultimately melt the foundational pillars of liberalism.

Islam cannot be incorporated and assimilated into Western civilization; the religion is too fundamentally at odds with our way of life. And yet, because the left has intentionally placed Muslims into the West, the left must do the impossible: prove that Islam can be absorbed into the West in order to validate universalism and nondiscrimination. Should a large portion of the public decide that Islam cannot be included into our Proposition Nation, the entire ideology of nondiscrimination will start to break down as the public begins to reconsider other aspects of nondiscriminatory immigration. The beginning of the fall of liberalism is starting with the right liberals.

Right-liberalism, as you have noted, helps prop up left-liberalism by tricking ordinary conservative Americans into thinking right-liberalism is the best way to combat left-liberalism. In fact, right-liberalism merely extends the life of left-liberalism because both embrace and promote nondiscrimination. So naturally, right-liberal neocon foreign policy in the wake of 9/11 made ordinary conservatives feel that they were mounting a serious, conservative defense of the nation via Westernization of the Middle East, when in fact we were still leaving ourselves wide open to attack via our immigration policies.

The LGF controversy shows that Islam is leading to the collapse of right-liberalism because the clash with Islam is making it impossible for right-liberals to defend the tenets of nondiscrimination before increasingly skeptical ordinary conservative voters.

As the conflict with Islam intensifies, a deeper schism will open up on the right between, on one side, ordinary conservatives and a handful of establicons who will demand (at a minimum) an end to Muslim immigration, and, on the other side, the right-liberal establicons and the left-liberals who will insist on maintaining nondiscrimination so that the present political and social order—from which they rule the West—can be maintained.

Eventually a true conservative movement will be embraced by ordinary conservatives and fill the vacuum left by the fall of the old right-liberal establishment. At that point, left-liberalism will collapse in the face of a true conservative movement, but not without a huge political fight.

LA replies:

Standing applause!

James W. writes:

After reading Susan’s comment a tic began on my face that did not get better re-reading her post.

Maybe this is just a civilizational lack of natural selection. In the bad old days this person and fifty of her closest friends just wouldn’t have made the cut to childbearing age.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 03, 2007 02:41 PM | Send

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