Krugman singing same song as Matthews and Parker

Bill Carpenter writes:

A desperate liberal, Paul Krugman, tips his hand. First, he pretends to ignore the fact that the fascistic anti-free-speech methods allegedly on display at the “town hells” have been indulged in by the left for the last 30 years with complete impunity. Second, with no evidence whatsoever, he attributes racial animus to the opponents of further socializing health care (in the context of socializing the financial and automotive industries), essentially announcing that any opposition to any Obama policy will be tarred as racist. What a disgrace.

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Paul K. writes:

Krugman decries expressions of free speech that alarm him when they emanate from the right, but which are typical of leftist demonstrations of which he no doubt approves. Then he adds: “And I can’t find any counterpart to the death threats at least one congressman has received.”

Is Krugman suggesting that a political movement can be discredited by an illegal act committed by any random person who shares its goals? Did he apply this rule to the anti-war movement in the 1960s? Furthermore, without specifics, how do we know how credible this death threat was? A few days ago a commenter on a New Hampshire website was contacted by the Secret Service after posting, “I hope NH is better than letting this guy off the hook. Let Obama know what ‘Live Free or Die’ means (hint: it isn’t reckless TAXING and SPENDING).” This was regarded as a death threat until the commenter explained himself to the Secret Service.

August 11

Richard S. writes:

Although nothing in this world is inevitable, it seems close to inevitable to me that as the great apolitical middle in America becomes aware that any opposition whatsoever to the Obama-leftist agenda gets one labeled racist, it will vote for those who oppose that agenda. In other words there will be a backlash. This is not to say that the great apolitical middle will become conservative. It won’t. But it will naturally be repelled by those that besmirch it.

Human nature 101.

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