Brooks buys into the female superiority thesis, ignoring everything modern society does to diminish and demoralize men

Laura Wood writes:

DAVID BROOKS, another human hot air balloon, writes glowingly today of Hanna Rosin’s new book on the “End of Men.” Brooks lends support to her theory that men are lagging behind their former employment and academic success rates because women are more “fluid” and “adapatable” in the modern economy. Men just don’t get it….

Brooks makes no mention of the 50-year feminist campaign to remake our schools and regulate the job market. Nothing about the millions of dollars in fines and damages companies have paid for failing to comply with sex discrimination laws. Nothing about the rewriting of history so that every male achievement is suspect or any musing over whether men could be, I don’t know, demoralized?

Not a peep from Brooks on these remarkable changes, or on the grotesque aggression and self-centeredness of the modern woman careerist. Nor does he truly lament the declining employment rate of men. Women are doing “super,” according to the “conservative” Brooks, as if women could ever be “super” while dumping men and children by the wayside.

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September 13

Thucydides writes:

Here is a quote from Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae:

We could make an epic catalog of male achievements, from paved roads, indoor plumbing, and washing machine to eyeglasses, antibiotics and disposable diapers. We enjoy safe, fresh milk and meat, and vegetables and tropical fruits heaped in snowbound cities. When I cross the George Washington Bridge or any of America’s great bridges, I think: men have done this. Construction is a sublime male poetry. When I see a see a giant crane passing on a flatbed truck, I pause in awe and reverence as would for a church processions.

Obviously this understanding of men and their capabilities is utterly beyond the epicene Brooks.

LA replies:


But let’s also remember that Paglia, an atheist and material reductionist, thinks that all these male achievements are but a symbolic projection of the male act of urination, sending an arc through space.

Thucydides replies:

Well, she can be plenty goofy at times, but she has enough sense to recognize there are profound virtues unique to each sex.

LA replies:


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