When there are no norms, nothing is strange and discourse is precluded

Hannon writes:

I wanted to share a minor side note from my voting experience yesterday morning. When we turn in our ballot we get a sticker that says “I Voted.” OK, fine, I’ve placed these on my car in other years. To my knowledge these decals have previously said only “I voted.” But this year they are different. There is a ring of text in various Asian languages that can be seen here:


I went to the voter registration workers and asked what did it mean to have these languages represented on such a universal piece of merchandise. In particular I asked how it was that Asians are exclusively represented on the sticker when Hispanics are the largest ethnic group in the state. Asians collectively are decidedly a minority. My tone was somewhere between indignant and incredulous. However, my “tone” was irrelevant because, from the responses I got, talking to these folks was like talking to a bag of potato chips.

No one sees anything as strange or out of order these days. What better way is there to kill all meaningful conversation before it can begin? On the national stage it works well also. So long as the prevailing attitude is “What’s all the hubbub, bub?” regarding any subject, whether Islam, immigration, socialism, race relations, crime and everything in between, we will continue our progressive descent into Hell.

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LA writes:

See Ed H.’s comment in a subsequent thread which expands on Hannon’s point.

A. Kern writes:

I’m not sure where we are this minute on the thread about the sticker…. Hannon seems to say that Hispanics are not mentioned on that sticker, but what does he or she think Yo Voté means?!

LA replies:

But all the rest of the languages are Asian. And “Yo voté is not Spanish, but Frenish.

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