Steve N. writes:

What? No requiem (or more properly a joyous dance tune) for Specter?? His primary defeat is among the most exhilirating news for quite a while!

LA replies:

I think I didn’t post anything on it because his defeat was expected, and because all the conservatives are celebrating it and commenting about it, and because I had nothing new to add.

I’ll just say this: Specter went down as a man devoted, to the last gasp, to his deepest principle: that keeping Arlen Specter in the U.S. Senate is the most important thing in the universe.

LA adds:

Also, wouldn’t it have been better for Specter to win the Democratic primary and then be beaten by Toomey in November?

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May 20

Paul K. writes:

He is in many ways a silly man who liked to call attention to himself. Over the years it seemed he was always available to bloviate on the news discussion shows; Joe Biden was another gasbag whom I wearied of seeing constantly.

An octogenarian and recent cancer survivor, he sounded confused and looked ghastly in this recent primary. If anyone should have had the good sense to retire gracefully, it was he. Yet he couldn’t let go. His desperate struggle for political survival, in which he jettisoned every principle but “Arlen Specter must remain in office,” was sickening to witness, an example of what is wrong with our politics. I have a feeling that he will not long survive; political power was his sustaining drug.

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