Pessimism and anguish at Republican blogs

At both and at, many commenters are expressing deep anguish and pessimism both over the election and over the state of the country. They expected Romney to win, and now it’s very tight for him. Florida is extremely close, and Ohio, which is now an absolute must-win for Romney, is doubtful. The commenters are shocked and traumatized by the fact that such a terrible president may be re-elected, and they say this means that the left and the dependents have taken over the country. They are facing for the first time the terrible truth about America that I have been speaking of all along.

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Ed H. writes:

So the L.dotters are shocked? How dare they! The evidence of what is happening has been right in front of them for decades. I spoke to a Republican group a month ago and told them that the first priority must be to stop mass immigration or they will be powerless in their own country. I told them that they must be prepared to shut down Multiculturalism by shutting down schools, and be ready to go on General Strike. I gave them the idea that they must gather in mass numbers and burn their tax forms as a message from the white middle class that we are done funding out own suicide. I gave them till 2016 to do something drastic or its all over. Such radical and direct action was met with head shaking. Too unseemly. Too unnecesary. They told me I was being too negative, too pessimistic. Well it seems I wasn’t pessimistic enough. Its here, now.

Paul K. writes:

I turned off Fox News about half an hour ago. Its commentators keep insisting that this is a center-right country and so the strong support for Obama among independents surprises them. In what sense is this a “center-right” country? What does that term even mean?

LA replies:

It means delusion. Delusion is better than admitting that not only has their party lost, but that the country they believe in is gone.

Henry S. writes:

I hereby concede that I was wrong. It looks as if Romney will lose. My reasoning was off-base. I was influenced by the wish fulfillment of certain conservative bloggers. This should be a lesson to me.

I’m trying to see a silver lining in this. This election was all about race and identity politics. I do not remember one substantive idea being raised. If there is any hope for the Sane Core to prevail in the long run, it will be if we take a good hard look at ourselves and our place in ruined America, and take steps to heal ourselves and reverse the path to oblivion.

Romney ran a campaign without ideas. He should have crushed Obama in the second and third debates, but he went easy, trying to act like Mr. Hope and Change himself. We need a Margaret Thatcher type. We need a vigorous conviction politician. We also need someone who will stop snowing us with vacuous “Because We’re Americans!” tripe. I would like to hear cold, hard, facts, and someone who will promise us blood toil tears and sweat, as we dig ourselves out of our $16 trillion grave.

As always, I thank you for being there. I take solace in the fact that people have survived worse. White Americans now have to face the sober fact that they are a powerless majority, which will become a powerless minority.

So the Republican bloggers are in shock and anguish? Good for them! Maybe they’ll wake up and grow up, the stupid children. Even though I mistakenly and foolishly called THIS election for Romney, I thought it was our last hurrah because I am aware of the disastrous demographics. These Allen West and Mia Love groupies are still in racial la-la land. Idiots!

In sadness,
Henry S.

LA writes:

For me the worst part of all this, as it has always been, is Obamacare. The loss of the country is a gradual process. Obamacare is now immediately upon us and there is no way to stop it. It will instantly turn much of life in this country into a dysfunctional nightmare. This is what the American people have chosen.

Dave T. writes:

The silver lining in all this for me is that it will get more difficult for conservatives to avoid seeing that “the country they believe in is gone.” I remember when I came to that realization back in 2006 (i.e. that the country was gone in the medium-term), and how deeply it affected me at the time.

I do think that a good portion of America can be salvaged, but it will not happen so long as conservatives refuse to accept the difficult realities of our national situation.

N. writes:

Part of this anguish has to do with group think. Increasinglly people only spend time with others like them. It is easy for a minority, such as the L-dotters, to convince themselves that they are somehow a plurality or even a majority. The L-dotters and others are having their illusions and pretty lies smashed, never a pleasant process.

The unending increase in U.S. debt cannot go on forever. Depending on various assumptions, sometime between 2016 and 2020, the U.S. will no longer be able to service its debt. At that point the choice will be simple: default, or hyperinflate. Neither path will lead to any stability. Obamacare and other entitlements is a huge fraction of the U.S. total budget, and thus a huge part of what the Federal borrowing is spent on.

Obamacare may be the fiscal straw that breaks the U.S. camel’s back. At that point, many things will stop working—EBT cards, for a start. So if Obama wins, the day of fiscal reckoning will likely come sooner than later—perhaps during election year of 2016.

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