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Dean Ericson writes:

I would like to urge every VFR reader to please take a moment and email Pastor Jones a note of encouragement to help counter the disgusting campaign of evil against him (and us) unleashed by our enemies. Here’s an email address I used for my own note and have received a grateful reply in response from a Dove staff member:

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The blogger Stogie of Saberpoint writes:

You continue to be an inspiration with your coverage and support of Pastor Terry Jones. I am linking to a lot of your articles.

Jones seems to have a growing number of supporters and I am one of them.

Today I used Paypal to send a small donation of $20 to Doveworld Ministries and added a note: “You are not alone!”

Paul Nachman writes:

Here is an e-mail I sent to Terry Jones:

Subject: I’m an atheist, and I admire and thank Pastor Jones

Dear Pastor Jones,

My subject line says what this is about.

I’ll just add that not only was it your right to burn a Koran that you owned …

… it was also the right thing to do.

What you did is beneficial for all Americans and for all of Western civilization, even for the legions of people too clueless (or beaten down) to understand this and be grateful.


Paul Nachman
Bozeman, Montana

P.S. I’d certainly consider sending a modest donation. If that’s of interest, please reply with any details I’ll need.

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