Liberals keep sinking deeper into the boiling pitch of their own lies

It’s not just Eric Fuller’s “torture Republicans and cut off their ears” statement last Friday to the New York Post that the rest of the media have ignored. According to Brent Bozell writing at Newsbusters, the media, or at least the liberal media have concealed or downplayed Fuller’s “You’re dead” death threat to a tea partier last Saturday. Bozell asks:

What if the perpetrator of violence were liberal? How would the media react then? How many would put Chris Matthews, Paul Krugman, Keith Olbermann and Co. on trial for creating the “atmosphere” of “hatred” so often ascribed to conservatives only?

In fact, it happened.

Read the rest. It’s good. (Meaning, it’s bad.)

But how come Bozell doesn’t know about Fuller’s “cut off their ears” statement? Why does that story remain invisible to both liberals and conservatives?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 19, 2011 06:55 AM | Send

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