At the Jew-hating cesspool called Alternative Right, founded and edited by Richard Spencer, Richard Hoste, one of Spencer’s main contributors, writes that “Egypt, Turkey and Jordan are by far better allies [for the U.S.] than Israel.” That’s Egypt, from which a ceaseless stream of sermons and newspaper articles in state controlled media daily sends out the Koranic message to destroy the Christian and the Jew. (Check out MEMRI.) That’s Turkey, which has rejected the Kamalist secular program and has realigned with the forces of jihadist Islam. That’s Jordan, which, notwithstanding its moderate government, has the most extremist population in the Mideast. Alternative Right hates the Jews and Israel so much it prefers that we side with Muslim jihadists.

As Hitler was to Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Spencer and Hoste are to today’s Muslim holy warriors.

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John McNeil writes:

It’s true that there’s more than one editor on AltRight with an axe to grind against the Jewish State, along with a motley collection of anti-Semites from Occidental Dissent and other unsavory places. But there are decent editors there too, who haven’t said one thing cursing the Jews, and there are Israel-sympathizers, such as myself, who comment there. Perhaps you would consider encouraging your readers to post there and engage in the discussions. Richard Spencer published an article by Srdja Trifkovic. It’s a nice counter-point to the many articles critical of Israel, and I expressed thanks to Richard Spencer for doing this. His publishing of this article tells me that he’s open for discussion on Israel, rather than holding Israel as a punching bag. I think it’s also why he tried outreaching to you when he first started his webzine, even though he knows that your stance on Israel is the opposite of his.

Please understand that this is not a defense of Spencer’s views (or Hoste’s for that matter), but I simply see the benefit of reaching out and showing them that we in the pro-Israel camp do not necessarily fit the neocon stereotype. AltRight commentators who know that I’m in the pro-Israel camp are surprised to read about my strong views on race, after all, being that I’m a ZOG, I care only about Jews, right? ;) Perhaps this will lead to a softening in attitude towards Israel, Srdja’s inclusion seems like a step in the right direction and it should be encouraged.

LA replies:

I appreciate your moderate and reasonable approach, but I don’t think that the search for a moderate Alt-Right is going to be successful.

Ron L. writes:

I wrote a comment refuting virtually everything Hoste has written. However, just as Vdare refused to print my letter, I doubt my comment will survive long at Alternative right. Here it is:

I am likely wasting my time correcting Mr. Hoste, who cares less about facts than his personal Jihad against Israel.

“Actually, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan are by far better allies than Israel. None of these countries has ever launched an attack killing dozens of Americans, planned to get the U.S. involved in a foreign war by bombing Western interests or had agents caught in a major spy ring. As a matter of fact, not even Iran or Syria has done those things.”

This is perhaps, the silliest thing Hoste has ever written. Let’s look at his claims one at a time.

Egypt was an ally of the USSR from the early 1950s until the mid 1970s. Today, despite billions in aid, it allows Al Azhar University to be a hotbed of Sunni Islamist fatwas against America. Turkey was an ally through the end of the Cold War. However, after the Islamist AKP rose to power, this changed as it moved away from Kemalism. First Turkey refused to allow the U.S. to use it to invade Iraq. Whatever you think of the Second Gulf war, this is not very ally-like. Then in 2008, Turkey aided the Russian invasion of Georgia by cutting Georgia off from NATO aid. Finally, we have Turkey aiding Iran’s nuclear weapons program both in the UN Security Council and through a “deal” that would have allowed Iran to continue to refine uranium.

As for killing Americans, Iran and Syria did this in spades. Perhaps you have forgotten the hundreds of American marines murdered by the Iranian funded, armed and trained Hizbullah and the dozens killed by Amal? Or what of the dozens of Americans kidnapped by these? Or the Americans killed in the Hizbullah bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon? And speaking of embassies, surely you remember the Iranian takeover of an American embassy, an act of war. “Death to American” is virtually a national motto in Iran and this nascent nuclear power is damn clear when its leadership calls for the destruction of the great Satan. And how many American servicemen died in Western Iraq thanks to the Syrian-backed insurgency?

Israel is certainly responsible for the Lavon Affair. As for Israel spying on the U.S., how many spies does the U.S. have in Israel and the PA? And for that matter, did you ever notice the CIA and U.S. military aiding and arming the Palestinian Authority/Fatah, which all too often turns these guns on Israelis? As for the USS Liberty, this was a tragedy, investigated three times. And it was an unnecessary one. Had the LBJ administration given Israel a naval liaison, as Israel requested, no mix up could have occurred. Similarly, had the USS Liberty been escorted and its location and nationality passed on, there would have been no mix up. Instead, as the tapes have shown, the Israelis attacked, what they though was a Soviet Trawler.

“Is there any stupider argument than the first line of defense one? This is an immigration issue, not a 19th century land war. Muslims settlers are legally flying into Western airports and the politicians who facilitate this act as if the only way to Europe is to march through the Levant! Hold the line Judea”

Jose Marie Aznar reduced immigration in Spain. His successor, Zapatera, reversed this. Was Aznar effective in dealing with illegals? No. He was stymied by leftist courts and the EU. And those Western politicians supporting the Eurabia project are exactly those whom Hoste gets in bed with when he attacks Israel. And if Israel does fall, why wouldn’t the Islamists rev up their campaign of conquest by immigration and then violence in Europe?

“Perhaps they mean this metaphorically. Something like ‘Muslims will be emboldened if they destroy Israel.’ But even this is nonsensical. What act of ‘appeasement’ with regards to Israel lost parts of the Netherlands, Sweden and France to Islam? “

Is Hoste is ignorant of Islam claims to Spain and Hamas’ and the Muslim Brotherhood’s open call for the reconquest of al-Andalus? Given that this could be cleared up in a 30-second websearch, Hoste is either willfully blind or is lying to his readers.

Given that Mr. Hoste and so many of the members of the Charles Martel Society have turned it into a Orwellian Islamic tool by shilling for Islam and targeting Jews, who is he to speak of the West?

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