Shoring up the base

Greg W. writes:

Obama’s on such shaky ground with blacks in America that he is meeting with Sharpton to help in his re-election bid. Blacks more than likely were going to move towards the Republicans in 2012, but this will show them that Obama is their man. Without the help of Sharpton, Obama would probably only get 96-98 percent of the black vote.

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N. writes:

I wonder if Obama will give a special “shout out” to Tawana Brawley as part of the festivities? Or the families of the seven people who died in Freddies Fashion Mart in 1995?

For sure there won’t be any mention of Steve Pagones.

LA replies:

Heck, George W. Bush gave the Tawana shout-out when he had Sharpton as a guest at the White House in 2008. Just kidding. But the point holds. Republicans have contributed as much to Sharpton’s legitimization as Democrats.

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