You can keep Naperville out of Chicago, but can you keep Chicago out of Naperville?

Michael C. writes:

Naperville, Illinois was voted the second-best place to live in the United States by Money magazine in 2006. It is a pool of red in a blue state. It is also, not coincidentally, a pool of non-blackness, with an African-American population of only 2.5 percent. Naperville’s Rib Fest rivals Chicago’s “Taste.” The constant “wildings” around the tourist areas of Chicago make the Rib Fest an even better alternative to the ghetto violence of Chicago.

Well, this article tells (rare photo included) how one woman (from Chicago) tried to rip off the Rib Fest.

LA replies:

I would add this. A primary objective of any serious conservatism in this country is to keep Chicago out of Naperville.

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An Indian living in the West writes:

“A primary objective of any serious conservatism in this country is to keep Chicago out of Naperville.”

How do you do this without bringing back legal segregation?

LA replies:

To begin with, as I have said many times, most anti-discrimination laws should be repealed, allowing for a return of natural segregation at the local level and in primary and secondary education.

Now, is that possible in America as it now exists? No. Almost everything I advocate is not possible in America as it now exists.

But, even within our present system, movement in the direction of keeping Chicago out of Naperville is certainly possible. Every kind of resistance to forced integration should be raised. Conservatives must be willing to speak of the injustice and immorality of forced integration, which they have NEVER done. Which in turn requires that they speak of the injustice and tyranny by which people are socially and professionally punished for speaking the truth about race. if conservatives as a movement began seriously to do these things, if they challenged the liberal race regime on principle, and kept challenging it, opposition to the liberal regime would start gaining force and liberalism would start losing force.

There is no shortcut to the counterrevolutionary changes I am talking about. We have to begin where we are.

Remember—there has NEVER been a principled, organized opposition to the modern liberal regime.

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