VFR on Melanie Phillips: a collection

Below are many of VFR’s articles about Melanie Phillips.

An exchange with Melanie Phillips about Islam [She says my approach to Islam is crude and simplistic; I reply that her approach leads to surrender to Islamization. She also claims to have written that immigration, including Muslim immigration, should be stopped, which later turned out not to be true.]

Who misrepresented Phillips’s position on immigration? [Revealing what she actually said in her book as distinct from the excerpt she sent me.]

Establishment Islam critics continue their serious but unserious rants [This is where I say that Phillips spoke an untruth to me.]

Phillips on Britain’s appeasement—Physician, heal thyself! [A succinct description of Phillips’s position. Also mentions Bill Warner as a rare Suspect who at least acknowledges that he doesn’t discuss immigration.]

Phillips, heal thyself [Phillips (Phillips!) criticizes the Tories for having gone silent on immigration!]

Melanie Phillips: still fantasizing about her stand on Muslim immigration

Phillips is shocked, shocked, that there are Islamists employed in her country

Between the fear of Islam / And the love of liberalism / Falls the Shadow [About Melanie’s brain-lock in wake of Bombay attack and revelation of Al Qaeda plan to launch low intensity terror war in countries with substantial Muslim populations.]

The BNP versus the rulers of the Dead Island [Phillips denounces main parties for doing nothing, which empowers BNP.]

Londonistan [The oddity that the book uses traditionalist conservatives language that she never uses in her columns.]

Melanie Phillips on “Liberalism versus Islamism” [Her first attempt to deal with issues more theoretically and to go beyond liberalism, but she keeps reverting to liberalism]

Another Lewis promoter [She endorses Bernard Lewis’s AEI speech where he says we must spread freedom to the Muslims or be destroyed]

Melanie Phillips’s incoherent call for war [She calls for a “war” against radical Islam, but it turns out that this “war” consists of demanding that Muslims do something that is impossible for them to do.]

Robert Spencer, call Melanie Phillips [Phillips, rejecting Spencer, Bostom, Bat Ye’or et al., buys into “moderate “islam” idea. “If, as Phillips writes, the ability of Islam to reform itself is the ‘great issue of our time,’ then it’s an open question whether Islam can reform itself. Meaning that we must make every effort to facilitate the creation of a ‘moderate Islam’ before we can come to any conclusions about whether or not such a thing is possible. And how long must we keep trying?”]

If Cassandra were a liberal

The unreformable Islamitude of Muslims, and why Melanie Phillips doesn’t get it [In this article, I solve the mystery of Melanie Phillips’s contradictory position on Islam which I’ve written about so often.]

I can’t believe it [Andrew Bostom criticizes Phillips]

Phillips, excoriator of Muslims [Her scathing response to the letter to Western Christian leaders by 138 Muslim scholars. Phillips at her best.]

Phillips calls on Britain and America to prevent national suicide, sort of

Melanie Phillips’s outrageous hypocrisy on immigration [October 2009. On the revelation that the Labour government deliberately increased immigration to unprecedented levels in order to change Britain so much that there would be no historic Britain left to defend. “As you read the article, and particularly the passages I’ve highlighted in red where Phillips expresses her shock, her shock, that Labor was using immigration to turn Britain into a multicultural society, consider the fact that Phillips herself, while constantly moaning about the Islamization of Britain and the loss of British traditions and historic identity, has never once pointed to the role of immigration in making these things happen, and has never once called for immigration to be reduced by even one immigrant per year.”] Is cosmic Judeo-centrism good for the Jews? [October 2010. I wrote a civil e-mail to Melanie Phillips disagreeing with her statement that anti-Semitism is “the single most important and defining issue of our time,” and arguing that such extreme Judeo-centrism is harmful to the Jews. In reply she tells me that my message “is typically as ignorant as it is offensive.”]

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